Curious information about camels — Любопытная информация о верблюдах

Almost every person at the word “camel” imagines a vast desert and a leisurely caravan. For millennia, through the uninhabited expanses walked Laden animals, connecting the different ends of the world. Only the speed of the camel determined the terms of delivery. For most speed capabilities, at first glance, very clumsy animals will be a discovery.

More recently, just half a century ago, the basis of the economy of the nomadic peoples of the Arabian deserts were camels. Powerful animals without problems overcame Sands, impassable for transport, delivering to nomads all necessary.

Not only the possibility of camels on sand and sand dunes makes people use them as a vehicle. Very low cost of such transportation also plays a role. The animal feeds on what grows in the desert, drinks in Parking lots where there is water. Quietly withstand long transitions in several tens of kilometers with a decent speed (for total off-road). Under the rider, the camel can go up to 100 km per day, moving in a Pacer with a speed of 12 km / h.the speed of the camel cannot be high for a long time. To gallop the animals rarely move and get tired quickly. Special speed from them do not have to wait, all their movements are slow and measured. In many countries of the world as pack animals prefer to use Bactrians or hybrid camels.

Peoples, so or otherwise associated with camels, used animals and for entertainment. The running speed of the camel has been allowed to run races on them. In the Arabian Peninsula, the Bedouins, going to their festivals, organized runs for their Pets. Usually, 2–3 riders took part in the race, the distance did not exceed 3–4 kilometers. There is a tradition of camel racing in Mongolia and Australia.

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