Story about wild animals — История о диких животных

The tiger is a big wild animal. He has a yellow color with black stripes. The tiger is strong and agile; it can growl loudly, swim well, jump and run fast. This beast lives in Asia and Russia. It can also be seen in a zoo or circus.

The bear belongs to wild animals. He is big and mobile. He has brown wool, thick legs, and small ears. The bear swims well and climbs trees. This beast lives in the forest. All winter he sleeps in his lair. Although he is a predator, he also loves berries, fruits, grains, grass and plant roots.

The wolf is a wild forest animal. Its fur is most often gray in color, but it may also differ, for example, be white or black. He looks like a dog. This beast is very clever and clever. He can run fast and hunt well. He eats only meat from other animals.

The hare is a small wild animal that has long ears, around the bushy tail and strong hind legs. In the summer its wool is gray and in the winter it is white. He lives in a meadow or in a forest. It is hard to catch him because he runs very fast.

The lion is a predatory animal that lives in the savannah. He is called the “king” of animals. He has a beautiful thick mane and strong paws. He hunts antelope, zebras, and other animals. After eating, the lion likes to sleep for a long time. This is a very intelligent and enduring animal. He can be trained, and then he performs in a circus.

The monkey is a wild animal that lives mainly in Africa or South America. It can be big or small. This animal is very fearful and cautious. Therefore, almost all the time he climbs trees, in this way he is looking for food. Monkeys eat insects, seeds, berries, and fruits. Some of them live in a zoo, others perform in a circus.