Money in a person’s life – Деньги в жизни человека

What is money? Just a piece of paper or full of possibilities? I guess it all depends on the people who use them. For someone, money is something that can be exchanged for food, and someone sees in them the opportunity to relax somewhere or dress nicely. Such a thing as money exists for a long time, but I think our ancestors would just laugh at our money-papers that previously would have no value. After all, once valued only money made of precious metals such as gold, silver, copper. And I think that this was true, because then it was clear how to calculate their value, and the exchange rate was not a problem, and in our time there are many types of currencies and the eternal problem with the exchange rate of these same currencies. And it turns out that money, in the end, spoils many lives.

People who have a lot of money, do not see their value and spend on all sorts of unnecessary things. Even lived up to the fact that these rich people buy virtual Islands, it’s just ridiculous! And some have to starve, beg and live on the street. Or suffer from the disease, but do not have the necessary funds for the operation. But the rich do not think to help such people, although they have nowhere to put money.

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Many money spoils, here it seems there was a good, kind and sympathetic person, but the more he had money, the angrier and more greedy he became. And it’s very upsetting. Many examples show that poor people are much kinder and more willing to help, even if they need help.

I am uncertain about money. On the one hand, I want to have a lot of them, so that there are not a lot of problems due to their absence. On the other hand, seeing how people become from a large amount of money, you just want them to have enough for life, to have their own housing, food, clothing and was not necessary, afraid to be left without all this.

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I think money is not the most important thing in our lives, but everything should be in moderation. They should not be too much, because it spoils people, but they should not be enough, because in our time it is impossible to live without them.

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