The importance of management in modern society — Важность менеджмента в современном обществе

Management, in General, can be defined as a system of economic management of production. Which includes a set of principles, methods, forms, and methods of management. Management includes management theory and practical examples of effective management, which is understood as the art of management. The strategy of functioning and development of an enterprise (organization) is unthinkable without recourse to the staff. In order to ensure the effective functioning of the enterprise, it must be formed a strong team capable of maintaining its high professional authority.

Until recently, the very concept of “Persian oil management” in our management practice was absent. Although all these words are relative to each other, the term governance has a higher meaning. Management is the impact of the control system (the subject of management) on the managed system (object of management) in order to transfer the managed system to the required state. In particular, the role of the subject of management is the Manager. Management is an independent type of professional activity, aimed at achieving in the course of any economic activity of the company operating in the market conditions, certain goals through the rational use of material and labor resources using the principles, functions, and methods of economic management mechanism.

There are more than 200 definitions of management. One of the most modern definitions of management is given in the English edition of The International Handbook of management»: “Management-effective use and coordination of resources such as capital (productive, financial and human) to achieve goals with maximum efficiency.” In recent years, the importance of information resources in management has been growing, so the above definition can be expanded by adding information resources to the list.

Modern management — the variety of different options for action in specific conditions. Over the past hundred years, the world has accumulated a wealth of management experience. Determination of regularity formulated fundamental conclusions and recommendations. It is believed that if the company is working poorly, it means the lack of effective management. Poor management is the main reason for the decline in the activities of the enterprise. Practical experience of world-famous companies and outstanding managers confirms this rule.

So, Mr. Ford Sr. said: “If the company needs money because of bad leadership, it is necessary to remove the leaders. It is necessary to treat the disease from the inside, And paste the patch on the outside.” The principle of the company says: “you can fool around in anything and you will be given a chance to improve. But if you cheat a little bit about managing people, you’re finished. Here everything is simple: either the highest level of work or we will have to part.” The same view is shared by General Motors: “a Manager cannot afford the luxury of learning from mistakes.”

Management is not only a profession but also a way of thinking, activity, and life. The Manager is the Creator of a specific business situation. He does not wait, once creates favorable conditions for his activities, but creates these conditions himself. No benefit is worth pursuing at all costs. The Manager categorically refrains from participation in illegal business and will undertake everything possible to prevent it.