Ireland — Ирландия

The center and heart of the country is its capital, elegant Dublin.

It is believed that the city was founded in 841 by the Scandinavians, at the confluence of the River Liffey in the Dublin Bay. But the first mention of the Celtic settlement in this place dates back to the middle of the 2nd century AD and belongs to the Greek astronomer and geographer Ptolemy.

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One of the first invasions of the British in Ireland dates back to 1169, when Dublin, after being captured by Henry II by Plantagenet, for a long time became a royal city and a stronghold of English influence in the country. Since then, several architectural landmarks have been preserved in the city — above all, of course, Dublin Castle, which housed the English government. Not far from it are the Cathedral of St. Patrick’s Cathedral of Christ and the Church of St. Audina.

Of the other architectural and historical landmarks of Dublin, Blackrock House, the summer residence of the Irish viceroy, should be canceled; obelisk in honor of the Duke of Wellington; Fifteen Acres Square — Place of Noble Duels; a labyrinth of old streets around Temple Bar, the focus of Georgian architecture in Marriott Square, Eli Plate … And, of course, the main street of the city is O ”Connor Street — many times destroyed and restored, a variegated mixture of architectural styles and eras.

Dublin boasts a rich cultural tradition. It’s not for nothing that so many famous English-speaking writers were born in it: Oscar Wilde, Bernard Shaw, William Yates, Samuel Beckett, Jonathan Swift and even the creator of Dracula Bram Stoker! Dubliners are proud of their famous countrymen and honor them — for example, on June 16, the townspeople annually celebrate Bloomsday, a holiday dedicated to the main character of the novel by Joyce Ulysses.


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The city has the National Library of Ireland and the National Press Museum, the Civic Museum and the museums of national and modern art, many theaters, exhibition and concert halls, the Trinity College complex and the Royal Irish Yacht Club …

Other sights of Ireland are, above all, the medieval castles, the amazing nature of the country and the world-famous Newgrange place — a megalithic religious building, more ancient than Stonehenge and the Pyramids of Giza.

In many ancient castles are now located national parks, cultural or tourist organizations, including 4-5 star hotels. For example — the estate of Count Macross, now — Macross National Park. Or Cabra Castle in County Cavan — now it’s not just a hotel, but a haunted hotel! And in the castle of Count Thomond (Bunratty, Claire County), medieval banquets for tourists are often held — but keep in mind that not only treats, but also table setting will be medieval, that is, you will have to be with your hands …

Limerick is known not only for its comic quits, but also for the 800-year-old royal castle, and the city cathedral, the same age as the castle … Residents of the seaside town of Dingle speak only their own Gaelic, willingly study Celtic culture, and in the city itself, there are many fish restaurants on the ocean offering delicious local dishes from freshly caught fish.

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