Multinational culture of the America — Америка и ее многонациональная культура

Текст про Америку на английском языке под названием “Multinational culture of the America”. Эт ” топик для тренировки в чтение с переводом.

As you know, the us population is almost 99% of immigrants from all over the world, customs and traditions which have significant differences, and the American nation was formed only a few hundred years ago. Despite this, US culture already has a number of distinctive features.

Literature plays an important role in the life of Americans. The United States gave the world such talented writers as ray Bradbury, Stephen king, William Gibson. US culture is unthinkable without cinema. The country produces about 40% of films produced in the world. As for music, at the moment there is a tendency to erase the boundaries between musical genres, the position of rock music is gradually weakening, increasing the influence of hip-hop music and other genres.

To date, the United States is a world leader in scientific thought and confidently holds the championship in the number of Nobel laureates, of course, this is mainly due not to the success of national education, but to the emigration of scientists from other countries, to which the “States” offers more favorable conditions. U.S. science is rapidly developing in “ch areas as space exploration, nuclear power, genetic engineering, etc.

Fine arts in the United States today is generally characterized by a nihilistic attitude to the traditions of painting. In recent years, a new round of development has received theatrical art. Now it is taught in schools and colleges, which has never happened before.

American culture is a mixture of cultures of different peoples, because in the territory of this state there are probably representatives from every nation or people of the planet. It is for this reason that us customs and traditions are so numerous and diverse. Perhaps the main national holiday is Thanksgiving and Independence Day.

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