May 1: spring and labor Day — 1 мая: день весны и труда

The first of May is a special day for each of us. People take to the streets to enjoy the holiday atmosphere. Now this celebration takes place somewhat differently than before. The first of may is spring and labor day. Our grandparents have done a lot to make us happy for this day.

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    В отличие от скайптич, где я писал что не зашло - здесь все намного интереснее. Уроки, занятия.. Рекоммендую...

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When you go outside, you see crowds of happy people. All rejoice in the arrival of heat, the sun, and this spring. They are dressed in light walking clothes as if gathered for a picnic. The whole city is decorated with bright flags, festive trifles. Children are given free ice cream, and they are happy to run for a new portion. Young families walk in the parks. On the grounds playing kids. On benches elderly people sit, they with pride watch the events. It seems to them so calm and good that they are ready all day to admire this picture. The whole city is shrouded in celebration.

Crowds gathered in the squares, holding posters and flags. They seem to restore the picture of past events, but with gratitude. They want to keep this day in the memory of many, showing it by example. Happy kids sitting on fathers shoulders. Their eyes are filled with delight from what is happening.

It seems that nature is also feeling the atmosphere. Everywhere reigns the scent of flowering trees. A warm breeze rustles the newly risen grass. The floral scent seemed to spread in the air. This holiday is a joy for all living things: a ladybug, who flew to the warmth of the sun, birds fluttering over the heads of passers-by, bumblebees flying behind the flower nectar.


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The first of May is so bright and good holiday that it is not overshadowed even by raindrops. People, like a big family, will hide from it under the large crowns of green trees, and nature will rejoice and absorb every drop, saturated with moisture. After all, after the rain, the sun and rainbow always appear, which, of course, will only give an unusual mood.

The first of may is spring and Labor Day. Every year on this holiday comes a large number of people: women, men, children and the elderly. This holiday unites all, gives a joyful mood and brings happiness into our lives.

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