Excursion to the museum — Экскурсия по музею

Every inquisitive person wants to know more about the past, so distant and mysterious. The Historical Museum is the place where you can go back to the wonderful world of the past.

Recently, my classmates and I visited our Historical Museum.

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    Просто и со вкусом, а ещё - дёшево. Как-то так вкратце можно описать этот сервис: сайт удобный и понятный, даже мне, профану в ПК, не составило труда разобраться, зарегистрироваться и записаться на бесплатный урок. С любыми трудностями всегда помогут разобраться менеджеры ресурса, также к ответственным прогульщикам очень лояльны - мне, как молодой маме, это очень важно, так как ребёнок может не позволить в конкретный час заниматься обучением, а деньги терять не хотелось бы - заранее предупреждаю...

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    на инглишдоме занимаюсь индивидуально уже 2 недели, пришёл со средним уровнем, первое занятие с преподавателем искали общие интересные темы для обсуждения и речевой практики, а так как первый блин всегда комом, то понял, что человек мне не подходит и попросил сменить преподавателя - кандидат в лице мужчины с широким кругозором, от IT до классической литературы, меня полностью удовлетворил, с ним и продолжаю заниматься. 50 занятий уже предоплачено, надеюсь, не успею ему надоесть до того, как полу...

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At first, I paid attention to the tusks of the mammoth, I could not even imagine how huge they could be. The fangs of a saber-toothed tiger make no less impressive. I also looked at the various tools of work of ancient people with interest.

Entering the next room, I saw a variety of different icons and old books that turned yellow from time to time. I especially remember the Bible of a large size, in a metal salary, which weighs twenty-seven kilograms.

I also liked the diorama “Kharkov Fortress in the XVII century” very much. Picture as a living! Neat little houses in the center are visible domes of the church. A deep ditch dug around the fortress, a bridge of logs and ropes was thrown over it. Light white clouds float across the sky. For a long time, I could not tear myself away from this picture, considered the smallest details and admired the people who performed such a miracle.

And near no less interesting exhibit — the prow, hollowed out of a single piece of oak. He was caught at the bottom of the river Seversky Donets, near Izyum. I can imagine how people once swam in it, and now the boat is “resting” in the museum.


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The exhibition also presents the interiors of apartments of the XIX-early XX century: a bedroom, chairs made of precious wood, a carpet depicting a lion, beautiful portraits.

But I was particularly struck by the exhibition «Scythian Gold.» It is located in a small room, the walls of which are covered with black cloth, and only exhibits are lit: weapons, coins, decorations, brocade clothing. The guide told us that they were found not far from Pesochin during the excavations of a rich, Scythian burial ground. With curiosity and some kind of fear, I consider a woman dressed in a leather suit with gold jewelry; different animals are depicted on the gold plates.

But the vessel, made in the V century BC. It is covered with red and black lacquer, the secret of which has not yet been revealed. The gilded cup of Catherine II and the tin soldiers, who played Nicholas I.

I left the museum with the thought that I would come here again and again to feel the breath of antiquity, to visit the world of the past.

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