The role of the book in a person’s life — Книга: ее роль в жизни человека

Even in the current modern life of computers, laptops, and tablets, it is difficult for us to imagine a world in which there is no book. It plays a very important role in the life of every person, being a source of knowledge, information and education. Books surround us since childhood, give us useful advice, open before us various secrets, teach us to understand ourselves. Thanks to the books, we learn the fate of various heroes, learn from them and even want to be similar to some.

Any book red leaves an indelible mark on human memory. Each book has its own story, its own storyline, which helps us accumulate knowledge, preserve them and pass on to other generations.

The book can not only give us some knowledge but teaches us kindness and humanity. She is the only and unchanging teacher throughout our lives.

Thanks to the book, a person develops and improves, learning to analyze information. After all, for the concept of the meaning of the text of any book, you need to learn to carefully and carefully read, memorize, draw conclusions and then you will open a whole world of interesting discoveries.

Without books, such rapid progress of mankind would be impossible, since any scientific discovery is based on previously accumulated information. We should thank the book for presenting us with history, teaching us to appreciate the future and to enjoy the masterpieces of ancient literature.

In museums and various libraries are stored old books that came to us from time immemorial. In ancient Russia, the book was treated as a great treasure and it was believed that a person who had several books was the owner of a whole fortune.

In ancient times, books were shrines, they were copied by hand, their covers were decorated with precious stones. Such a valuable book as the Bible has come to us through the history of centuries and has remained an ancient treasury of human wisdom. Described in her views on life have not lost their importance today.

Books written many centuries ago reveal to us the history of the existence of mankind on Earth help us to reveal the human essence, to know the laws of the worldview of our ancestors. With the help of the book, it is easy for us to track the evolution of human ideology, social order, and moral standards.

And even despite the development of high technologies and the emergence in the life of a person of an e‑book, fans of traditional reading will still remain, since communication with a printed book with relatives of communication with a living person.