My dream hotel – Гостиница моей мечты

Tired traveler sooner or later wants to lie down and relax to regain their strength. To do this, he will need a hotel that will perfectly match his mood. So my hotel will be a hotel for people. This means that, first of all, I will take care of creating a warm and friendly atmosphere in it. Friendly staff, high-quality services and, of course, comfortable rooms. That is, it will be all that the tourist lacks away from the usual home.

I would like to build my hotel in an exotic place, setting up for a good rest. The most attractive for this I see God-forsaken coast along the vast ocean with untouched jungle. Perhaps it will be difficult to find them, but I would like to make guests feel like in Paradise.

Coming on vacation, tourists would be disappointed, expecting to see a luxurious skyscraper. At the entrance, I see only a small main administrative building, where it is necessary to perform the necessary formalities. After check-in, guests are accommodated in comfortable bungalows scattered throughout the surrounding area. I see that this way creates an atmosphere of calm and relaxation, where the vacationer can forget and feel closer to nature.

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    В отличие от скайптич, где я писал что не зашло - здесь все намного интереснее. Уроки, занятия.. Рекоммендую...

If you need to talk, he can always go to visit the neighbors.

The bungalow is a shady canopy of trees near the ocean so that the sun does not heat it, and the cool breeze calmly flew to the Windows. Inside the usual interior is missing.

The traveler would live in one huge room divided into functional zones. I represent the interior in the style of life of wild tribes with strange figures and masks on the walls. The whole room is necessarily furnished with designer and unique things brought from all over the world. All the decoration should surprise and delight guests. And, of course, every room must be a Jacuzzi, bathroom with bathtub under the open sky.

During my carefree vacation, the guests of my dream hotel would have fun swimming in the gentle ocean or contemplating the greatness of nature. The whole environment should contribute to peace of mind. After sunset certainly themed party interests. I am sure that after such an organization of rest, visitors would return every year, and the number of new guests would steadily strive for growth.

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Welcome to the hotel of my dreams, dear travelers!

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