Seasons – Времена года

Every person has their favorite season. As you know, each season has its own mood, like a person. That is why different people with different moods like different seasons. Each person can talk differently about his favorite season.

You know, the seasons are reminiscent of an old fairy tale, where they gathered together around the fire for twelve months to discuss and tell about their wealth. It would seem, what could be rich in winter or summer? However, there is wealth.

For example, winter boasts silver carpets, which she wraps the ground, houses, trees. Everything is so beautiful that after looking and feeling it, you can become the richest person on earth.

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    Даже не знаю что сказать, школа хороша, но как то мне лично не зашла......

Spring is the time to awaken all living things. If everything around is resting in winter, then with the arrival of spring it is necessary to wake up. Is it possible not to notice this wonderful awakening, when everything acquires a new green outfit, as everything from silver turns into green, with clean and fresh air? How the birds fly after a long absence in their native places, how the most beautiful flowers in the world are blooming and all living things start their shift – because all this is due to spring.

Summer is a time of rest. In fact, this is the time of year when all living things are trying to take a break from all troubles, basking in the sun. This time of year is rich in fruits, different berries, nuts, a large selection of herbs, and most importantly is rich in plenty of warm days. It is in summer that a person has the opportunity to relax because the long days can be a good sunbathe on the coast of the warm sea. No other time of year will allow this.

Autumn – initially, it is a farewell to the summer, and then yellowing foliage, rain, and birds flying away. However, it would be necessary to add that this time of year boasts its own yield. After all, autumn makes it possible to understand how harvested it was all year. At the same time, autumn is the time of dreams and dreams. This is the time of the year when great composers, poets, and writers compose their masterpieces. At the same time, this is the time of the year when fields, forests, parks, streets begin to empty when the wind blows daily and rain drops.

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Every season is really beautiful in its own way. If you go out on a frosty winter night in the field, when the moon shines, you can see all the play of silver, which is shrouded in the earth. And in the summer, paying attention to all the play of flowers and plants, you can also stay in amazement.

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