The first snow — О зиме и первом снеге

Suddenly the first snow fell. That day the weather from the morning was gloomy and quiet. After lunch, snow-white snowflakes began to break from the sky. Snowflakes became more and more. On the street it was cold and getting on the ground they do not melt.

An hour later, white was all around, and the snow kept coming and not thought to end. Seems to be a large white “flies” it hovered in the air.

By the evening the first snow stopped. But until then around already in bed, sparkling fairy carpet. The trees finally covered their heads with a snow-white blanket. Christmas trees in the alley near my house seemed particularly elegant: they seem to be dressed in fluffy snow-white fur coats.

My friends and I went outside, began to jump and run on a snow-white blanket, play snowballs. Children began to trample snow on the mountain that it was rather possible to ride on cardboard or on a sled. Other children ran and threw snowballs, and Breasts woke up at once. After all, the first snow is not yet frozen, it is soft and very light.

All around, even in adults, the mood immediately good, like a holiday. We were happy about the first snow, gathered in the palm of your hand and threw it over his head like fireworks. He glittered in the air if silver rain!