What is health? – Здоровье: что это такое?

What is health? Health – a natural, balanced with the environment, the state of the body, which is characterized by the absence of any disease. Human health is determined by a number of factors, biological hereditary and biological acquired, as well as social, which play an important role in maintaining our health and under bad conditions can cause the occurrence and development of the disease. However, this can be challenged by the fact that a full social life does not always coincide with the biological state of the organism. Health is naturally the natural state of the human body as a whole, as well as the state of thoughts, actions, and feelings of the person.

Health is not a conventional concept. A healthy person lives by the Laws of Nature, thus maintaining his physical condition. This can be proved by the fact that the human body can be only in two States: in the sick, i.e. artificial and healthy, i.e. natural. And as they say in the people, the third is not given.

In modern society, most of humanity is in a state of” civilization”, ie, in one way or another ill with any disease. Naturally, there are in our world and healthy people whose health is as follows…

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A completely healthy person is a person who is not just not exposed to diseases, but not sick at all, who has no chance of catching any infection that causes a bad state of the body. Also, his endurance is so great that after spending a couple of hours Jogging, he will not get tired.

If such a person walks through the desert 500 km, deciding to use only 150 g of dried fruits and various cereals, as well as a liter of tea per day, he will not get tired and will not lose body weight. Objectively healthy person consumes much less food and oxygen than all other people, namely 4-5 times less. And 4-5 breathing cycles and 15-18 heartbeats per minute are considered the norm for such a person. When Jogging, all its parameters are in a normal state, that is, as an ordinary person at rest.

Emotional and mental endurance is also great. To sleep, it will be enough just 5-6 hours a day. The consciousness is clear, crystal clear, enthusiasm and high interests are clearly expressed, the mood is joyful and positive. By itself, such a person is independent and highly developed, fatigue is absent, as well as drowsiness in the morning.

Food, water, and the environment perceive not as a habit but as a mandatory requirement of your body. Reaction to poorly digested and harmful food: for such a person it is disgusting.

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Objectively, a healthy person can do a lot, since the body absolutely obeys him, thereby increasing the ability to survive.

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