Y Tu Mamá También — И твою маму тоже

Y Tu Mama Tambien by Alfonso Cuaron is the movie evaluated in the next paragraphs. The movie is starred by Gael Garcia Bernal, Diego Luna, and the Spanish Maribel Verdu. The movie starts with the typical two best friends Julio (Garcia Bernal) and Tenoch (Luna) whose girlfriends are about to depart for summer vacations. As they leave the airport, after they take off they continue to their own world of irreverence and overstimulated hormones. So despite their promise of the loyalty sworn to their women, they go on to look for other girls to spend the night. After many attempts they get nothing, but then they meet Luisa (Verdu). Julio and Tenoch then invite Luisa to a virgin beach off the Pacific Ocean (which they actually made up). So that is how the long road trip starts, where friendship, innocence, and sexuality go into a sentimental mêlée. It is here where our protagonists realize that lies hurt, but sometimes the truth hurts even more.

Y Tu Mama Tambien or And your mom too as the translation recites really gives no sense at all if you have not seen the movie and even when seen, that detail is very easy to miss. As a first time audience, I would expect it to be a drama. The movie is starred by Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal. Both of these actors have been known in other roles, but none compared to this kind of presentation. I would see this as an effort to present two characters, previously known as young and innocent, then to place them in a real-world setting where sex and alcohol are present everywhere. Maribel Verdu is a rather unknown Spanish actress. This was done perhaps to illustrate a beautiful girl, yet unknown to the public. This movie was said by many to be a XXX movie for its numerous and explicit sexual scenes. It was also rumored, that the two male protagonists would kiss in one of the sex scenes. My first impression would be that at the end, one the protagonists would fight each other to death over Luisa for her love and that something unexpected would happen.

The plot of the movie starts with both Julio and Tenoch are having sex with their girlfriends as that would be the last time they would do it before they left. Of course, this happens in two different scenes. They then drive the girls to the airport where they swear that they would not cheat on them while they are gone. After that, the boys go on parting like there is no tomorrow. One day they are required to go to one of Tenoch’s father parties were they first meet Luisa, the 28-year-old wife of one of Tenoch’s cousins. As soon as they see her alone the boys then try to convince her to go on vacation with both of the boys. Luisa pays little attention to the 17-year-olds and denies the invitation to Boca del Cielo, a place they made up to convince her to go with them.

After the party, Luisa is told that she has a silent yet deadly virus in her system that even though it is not contagious, it has no cure for it and she would die in a couple of weeks. Considering her bad marriage relationship with Tenoch’s cousin she then accepts the boy’s invitation and calls Tenoch. He then quickly assembles a plan with Julio and hit the highway that same day. One the first days there were no advances towards Luisa, but their conversations heat up when they start talking about sex. Everything seems to go fine until one night on the hotel when she leaves to her room, the boys went off on to spy on her while she undresses only to see her cry uncontrollably. In the next few says the situation seems to be monotonous while on the road until one morning she sleeps with Tenoch. Julio becomes very jealous and argues with him. When they go on the trip again, Luisa to «fix things» sleeps with Julio too only to make things worst. That same night confessions explode. It turns out that Julio and Tenoch have been trading partners with each other.

After a lot of discussions, Luisa sets things straight and the boys become peaceful as they approach the beach. They stay there for a weekend, but on the last night, the boys share Luisa in bed that concluded with Julio and Tenoch making out. Luisa then decides to stay there, while the boys pack their stuff to return. They do not talk on the way there, but the necessary and once there they left home. A week later, they meet and Tenoch tells Julio that Luisa had passed away the day before. They seem to talk nicely to each other, but they seem to have a barrier between each other. Julio and Tenoch agree to meet again soon as they leave the café only to never see each other again.

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Most of the important scenes happen on the road to the beach, but other important settings include hotel rooms and the beach. The cinematography is mostly your everyday angle, but with a dark sort of shade. Julio and Tenoch really fit into stereotypical characters; Tenoch as the son of an influential and Julio as the poor best friend or sidekick The movie does not follow a particular genre, but more of a life story line. The time frame of the movie is that of quite a few weeks, but less of two months. In this movie, there is really no time where the action starts. It is just a long 83-minute introduction as seen with Hollywood critic’s eyes. The ending is not predictable at all as you would have never guessed that the boys would make out. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone that has an open mind and that can understand a movie under all those distracting sex scenes. On a scale of one to ten, one being the best, I would give it a 1 for enjoyment.

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