Yuri Gagarin: the famous man – Юрий Гагарин: знаменитый человек

Every child from school knows the biography of the world-famous Soviet pilot Yuri Gagarin. It was this man who first conquered the expanses of space. This great man became a real role model and a true legend not only the ox of the USSR but the whole world. Thanks to him, a completely new, previously unknown page were opened in the study of space, after which the science and aviation of the Union began to develop actively.

The famous cosmonaut was born on March 9, 1934. His parents were wealthy peasants. In addition to Yuri, the family had 3 more children. He was third. His childhood was carefree, cheerful and joyful. Parents gave little Jure a lot of his free time. Gagarin’s father devoted a lot of time to crafts made of wood, to which he actively attached all his children.

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At the age of 6 years, little Sara went to school, but he managed to finish only 1 class. The Great Patriotic War Began. When Yuri grew up and became famous, he wanted to never remember in his stories the times of occupation. It is only known that the Germans expelled the entire Gagarin family from their own home, and the youth was taken with them as prisoners of war. Thus from the family was cut off Laura’s sister and brother.

A native of Klushino managed to liberate from the forces of Germany in 1943. Gagarin’s move to live in Gzhatsk. Here the future cosmonaut continues to study. He grew up the very curious and capable child. Yuri was interested in everything from music to photography.

After 6 classes, Yuri decides to move to Moscow, because in a close and small town it feels awkward. Parents tried to stop their son, but the ambitious guy was determined. Thus, at the age of 15 years in 1949, Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin stays in the capital.

In 1954, Cuba managed to be in the club of air Amateurs. After listening to numerous calculations Tsiolkovsky, Yuri instantly fell in love with the idea of endless flights. At that time, he could not think what his boyish hobby would lead to. He became a famous cosmonaut, thanks to which all the boys from an early age are determined with the future profession.

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