The most necessary profession — Самая необходимая профессия

Now the profession of «Manager» in our labor market is the most popular. Manager-a hired professional Manager of the enterprise; a specialist in the field of production management.
Professionally important qualities of a Manager of any specialization should be well-developed communication and organizational skills; emotional and volitional stability; good memory; responsibility; logical thinking; ability to make decisions quickly, clearly Express thoughts; social activity. The work of a Manager is primarily related to people.

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There is a great demand for people willing to work in sales. The opening of hypermarkets creates an acute shortage of staff. In the sphere of wholesale trade, sales representatives are especially in demand.

In second place are a variety of proposals for work in the field of information technology (it). Being a computer scientist has become prestigious. Today, the market of information technologies, according to experts, has great prospects for growth. Penetration of it in human life, up to the smallest household level, no one will deny. Specialists in this field are among the top ten demand leaders.

In the third place, there are vacancies for young professionals with economic education. It is worth noting that the demand for such specialists is growing rapidly. The most popular in this area are specialists in the field of marketing with financial education.


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In Russia, the profession of marketer appeared only in 1996. The task of the marketer is to know the laws of the modern market and use them to achieve the desired result. Until 1998, only 20% of domestic companies had their own marketing Department, in 2001 their number approached 60%. And the process is just beginning to gain momentum. This means that the need for professional marketers will continue to grow.

In the context of economic stabilization and economic growth, companies are beginning to pay more attention to their long-term plans, tend to organize business on the basis of a well-thought-out strategy, and young professionals with good training in the field of the economy are increasingly in demand.

To date, the Russian level of education is still highly evaluated and is characterized by a deep theoretical training of specialists, which allows you to quickly develop new technologies and subject areas in the future. As before, the Russian market is characterized by the presence of all-in-one specialists, whose universal technical and theoretical training allows them to work in almost any field. It is largely due to the universality of Russian specialists that such high demand was shown abroad.

Данный текст был составлен автоматически, и протестирован с помощью AI (Artificial Intelligence). Наш искусственный разум должен был справиться с данным текстом на 5, и исправить все возможные ошибки, но, тем не менее, мы не несем ответственности за грамотность данного текста. На данный момент, тексты проверяются преподавателем английского языка, но это займет время. А мы тем временем стараемся улучшить наш искусственный интеллект!