Adolescent problems – Проблемы подростков

The word “teenager” tells us that the person has already grown up. It has grown enough to make some important decisions, to show independence in some way and, of course, to demand respect and attitude towards oneself as an adult. But “grown up”, nevertheless, does not mean “became an adult”. It remains the desire and needs to be accepted. A child at this age most wants his parents to support, comfort and sincerely show condescension or stand up for active protection at the right time.

Each adult can remember their physical condition at a transitional age. I constantly want to sleep, my arms and legs ache, my head, chest, and stomach hurt … At the same time, you need to go to school, do homework and responsibilities at home … How much fewer conflicts there would be at home if parents understood the physical condition of children In some things, they were more condescending.

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The hormonal surge in the body dictates the emotional state of a teenager. He or she doesnТt understand why they want to cry, then laugh, then suddenly everything around them becomes annoying … In some, puberty passes very quickly and intensely, in others it stretches for several years, and therefore it seems more peaceful. Intense maturation means a sharp hormonal jump in the body and, as a result, sharp emotional fluctuations.

Naturally, such an unstable emotional state leads to conflict situations with parents, teachers, and with the same maturing children with the same hormonal and emotional problems. And although perhaps your son or daughter doesnТt show it externally, conflicts hurt and make you suffer.

Open relationships with parents and the unobtrusive willingness of adults to listen will help a guy or girl understand their internal processes, relationships with others. And sincere compliments and delightful exclamations to a maturing person will help him correctly perceive himself and adequately evaluate himself as a person.

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