Comparing myself — Сравнение себя

Describe yourself is not as easy as you think, who is defined, is limited! Comparing me with something can be so difficult, I’m the kind of person that changes my feelings and my attitudes faster than ever! Like in the moment I would like to drink a soda, but a few minutes later change my idea for a chocolate milk! So I never know exactly what I want!

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At this moment, if I could describe myself with a sentence, this would be «Live your life like there is no tomorrow», I love the way this sounds good on me, because I don’t know what can happen to me now or tomorrow, each second of my life is precious to meme. don’t lose time being mad with people, I just ignore and think that everything is ok. So I always say to people how much they are important to me, how much I love them. I do whatever I want to do, everything that I feel like. Our life is too short to worry about stupid things, just don’t worry and be happy. Dance like no one was watching, don’t to worry about at other people think about you, be yourself, whatever you want to be. Give value for who matters to you, who you know who loves you for who you are. Each moment is important to me don’t matter if I am a kid, a teen or an and person, life has your wonderful moments for everybody, just enjoy it.

Describing myself with something visual is a family picture, just because my family is the most important thing in my life, they are the ones that always is going to be there for me, whatever that I need and they truly love me. They know everything about me, they make my past, present, and for sure my future. Friends come and goes, but family is forever. Like my daddy, he lives far away from me, but everything that I need help he always tries s best to do so. So my family is my everything, the high value of my life. If you want or need something you don’t have to tell them, they know already just by looking at your eyes, is pure love.


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A digital camera could be something tactile to represent me, I just love to take pictures, I take pictures of landscapes, things, people and myself! I think the digital camera is the best invention ever! You can catch the important moments of your life translating for pictures, I can see the whole world just by taking pictures, Is a memory forever. I identify myself taking pictures of everything, everywhere I go my camera is with me, can be just a simple place Like the college or a big place like a trip I did for Spain. But the best part is to take a picture with my family and friends, this arises best moments ever, the ones that really matters!

Easy is to compare me with three little things as something written, visual and tactile. But my personality is too complicated that I can be compared to many things that I can’t imagine. I’m happy that I’m not a person that have always a plan, something ready to do all the time. The thing is to innovate every day, live different experiences, new adventures. I just love the way I am, comparable!

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