My best friend – Моя лучший друг

Рассказ про друга на английском языке под названием “My best friend”. Этот текст для тренировки в чтение с переводом.

My friend is a very good man. I know you can count on him. He always I will help, will support in a difficult minute. I, of course, answer him the same. My friend will never betray me, never plot behind my back. This is the most important thing.

Friends don’t just show up. To make friends, be sure to be in something similar, and in something different. Similar need be it is, that have friends must be common views on life, voting understanding of honor and decency, justice and responsibility. Similar interests are desirable, but not mandatory because it is very interesting when people can teach each other something new.

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  • Алексей: 2019-03-29 07:47:58

    Проходил здесь обучение. Очень понравился преподаватель. Научился разговаривать на нужном мне уровне.Цель обучения была достигнута....

  • ОпаПа: 2019-03-23 12:52:21

    Даже не знаю что сказать, школа хороша, но как то мне лично не зашла......

Here I am, for example, engaged in swimming. And my friend is studying too. We go to the pool together, and in our free time, we have fun there, swimming and diving. So cool is together to jump into the water “bomb”! At the same time, it turns out a big splash and splashes fly in all directions! You can swim a race, and even more interesting to do it underwater.

But our other interests do not coincide. I play chess well and my friend plays the guitar. And we’re slowly teaching each other that.

My friend and I like to walk in the field near our houses. On weekends, sometimes we leave for half a day. We take with us sandwiches, matches, water. The wood we find on the road – they are in abundance lying around. Sometimes even enough wood to build a hut.

We’re never bored together. And sometimes we can protect each other.

I was attacked by a dog once. She was guarding the garage with the trucks, and this day for some reason it was lowered from a leash. The dog rushed at me and began to bite. I fell to the ground, covering my face and hands. My friend was not taken aback, he found a stick and drove the dog, and then called the adults from the garage, so they locked it again.

I am happy that I have such a reliable friend.

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