Threat to Humanity – Угроза человечеству

The human race faces all different kinds of threats every day. Disease, nuclear warfare, and global warming are a few that come to mind. Humanity has to constantly think of new ways to deal with these problems. The biggest threat to humanity actually comes from something that seems to be good, but it is manipulated and used for evil. It has the power to end the world. Religion is the biggest problem with the world today; there is, of course, a way it could be solved ideally that would please all, but this is just the dream of an idealist because the realist would not be so sensitive and naive and would face the problem and take it down.

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Even back in biblical time’s religion has been used to create evil in the world. Religion is supposed to teach tolerance, love, and respect, but almost every religion has been corrupted in some way at some point in time. The Jews were slaves in Egypt, the Romans killed Jesus Christ because of his religious beliefs, and the Hindus created a caste system that ruined people’s lives. Religion brings out the worst and the best in people. It creates a sense of unity between a group of people, but when the unity of the people becomes a group of people who hate then there lays the problem. Looking back in history it seems it is human nature to be superior to other humans.

Slavery, war, and corruption in government all show how humans try to become superior within their own race. Religion is the perfect excuse to make bad actions look good. If something is done in the name of God often the naive and ignorant people in the world automatically assume it must be a good thing. The crusades were done in the name of god and looking back on them they were just the Roman Catholic Church exerting its power; people preach that we must be tolerant of terrorist bombers and understand they’re the point of view because they commit their actions in the name of god. There are endless examples of religious fanatics twisting the words of their holy scriptures and actually convincing the world of their legitimacy when in fact they are all just out for power.

Ideally, this problem can be solved very easily. If every person in the world stopped doing what they think their religion tells them to do and instead does what is morally right then there will no longer be this problem of feuding religions. If instead of teaching in Palestinian schools that the children should grow up to be suicide bombers, they instead teach to be tolerant of all different ethnicities and religions then the whole Palestine/Israel conflict could ideally be solved by sitting down and talking. If in India the caste system could have been abolished from the start of the Hindu religion then there wouldn’t have been the hundreds of problems that were caused by that system. The ideal solution to all these problems is for everyone to get together and talk about there differences instead of waging war on each other. Ideally, the problem of religion could be solved without any bloodshed and ending with everyone happy. This solution seems so nice and lovely for the world but it is of course not realistic at all.

It is the nature of human beings to be greedy and to take what they can to advance themselves in the world. The basic idea of religion is to give stability and understand to people. It explains the unknown. Every religion does the same thing, but its when religion is taken to a level where it controls one’s life and makes one do things he would not do if he was thinking logically that is when religion becomes dangerous. Realistically the problem of religion can be solved in a harsh but simple way. People who decide to use religion to instill hatred and evil into the minds of other humans have to be found and captured and sealed away from the rest of humanity. People like Sadaam Hussein, Osama Bin Ladin, and Fidel Castro. Each one is dangerous to the survival of the human race. If things continue to go the way they are then eventually there will be a huge world war raged involving every religion and the whole human race could be wiped out.

That is why religion is so dangerous. It has the power to control people’s minds and end people’s lives. Religion is the only thing that has the power to do this. Many people, when faced with this realistic solution to the problem of religion, would say that it is anti-American because it is against free speech. Many people will say that it is mean spirited and that we must understand the point of views of terrorists who blow up buildings. These people who say this are idealists and if people continue to follow this idealist point of view then the problem will never be solved. The people committing the horrendous acts against humanity and using god as their excuse must be found and taken out of human contact so that they can do no harm. Every religion has groups of fanatics and each group is just as dangerous as the next. Recently it has been the Muslim fanatics that have been causing problems, but in the past, every religion has caused problems. They must be taken out before they can do any more harm.

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The idealist believes that everyone should love each other and there should be not hated in the world. This is not possible. Although every person would love this to happen only the naive and ignorant can possibly follow this. Action must be taken to end the corruption of religion. But what would happen if religion was taken from the world totally? Complete and total chaos would rule the world because no one would have anywhere to turn. The religion of course has its functions and it could never be abolished from the world because that would be madness. Perhaps there is a way of keeping the positive aspects of religion while eliminating the negatives. The day the person comes up with the solution to this problem is the day the world will be saved from the menace of religion.

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