TV Violence — Насилие на телевидении

Violence is one of the most primary and controversial issues in today’s society. And true that violence is on the rise. A major concern for many parents is the violence within television shows and movies, and the effect on children’s aggression. I particularly do not believe that violence in television affects children’s aggression, but who am I to say such a thing, for I am not a qualified psychologist. But I have many reasons for my accusation and references to back it up. Now television plays a major role in today’s society, and it occupies almost every home in the United States. Parents have such a big concern for the children watching television, but children throughout the U.S watch an average of twenty hours of television. So I posted the first question. Who allows these children to watch so much television? Obvious question answered with the complainers.

Many studies show that television does have an effect on children’s aggression, but also on their knowledge, and their ability to decide from right and wrong. In a certain study, researched showed that young boys who watched non-violent television tend to be more aggressive than boys who watch violent television. Another point is that violence is apparent regardless where it comes from, whether it is from cartoons, movies, or the news. So take away all the shows and movies that incorporate violence, what’s left? The news, which shows the most drastic and real violence that, is apparent to everyone even if you do not watch it. It still affects everyone. But let’s look at the big picture. Cartoons play the majority of the role. They have been around for centuries. So why make such a big deal about them now? Are the cartoons in earlier years any different from newer cartoons? Yes, I agree, but there is a purpose.

The Monaco 2 newer cartoons attract the newer generation. If parents say that cartoons now are more violent than those of earlier years than why are there so many, and so many different ratings accompanied with the beginning of every show. What about «Bugs Bunny» and «Daffy Duck» with «Elmer Fudd,» and how many fights and hunting scenes there was. What about «Road Runner» and how many times «Wylie Coyote» tried to kill him. All these cartoons amused many children in earlier years and present years. So why start complaining now? Can parents not control their children? Maybe parents should pay more close attention to what their children watch, instead of making excuses and blaming others for practically their own decisions. Because it was their decision to have children, right?

Like all children’s shows and movies, it lets the mind run free and also lets the children be imaginative within their own realm of mind. So let’s not take these away, and just try to limit what they watch. Let us rate these shows and movies. Oh yeah, the government did that. But yet parents still let children watch the movies and show that they did not want to watch in the first place. Is there something wrong here? Parents complain, laws are passed to limit what their children watch, but parents still let the children watch them? hmm. I think that the parents are just looking for a scapegoat to rid them of their faults as parents, for them not to look bad.

Many researchers have studied this particular question. Does viewing television affect children’s aggression? Well, I think I have made my point. Respectively, television does play a factor in dealing with aggression within children, but not to a great extent. I believe strongly in it, that if parents can control what their children watch then there would not be such a problem. Hey wow!! I seem like a future early childhood parental counselor. Maybe it’s a future career.

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