War — Война

Summary: Chapter 1 — Human beings since the beginning of time have not been able to escape the war. There has always been some sort of conflict between each other since the beginning of time. War always seems to bring a sense of reason with it or need to the people. It makes them feel like we are fighting for a just cause. This past century war has been at its worst. This last one hundred or so years have been the goriest of times. It seems like every so many years there is a war being fought. People around the world today have had an urge to go to war, even though there might not be an exact cause of it. For example the two major wars in the past few decades: one being Vietnam, and the other in Iraq. There seems to be no exact cause of fighting in these wars. People better start to realize that war is not always the answer.

Summary Chapter 2 — If you take a look back into history there have been a ton of wars fought before and after the birth of Christ. When the bombs were dropped in 1945, it has affected the world in more ways then we could have ever imagined. Peace in a way is a lot like war because it takes more than one person to decide to have peace. It is a lot easier to go to war, then to have a peaceful settlement. There is always a need to take an eye for an eye. As Gandhi once said, «An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind». I think that statement is true when going to war, it never seems like anyone is the winner in the long run.

Summary Chapter 3 — People often have a different reality then what is out there. Most people go through each day in the same way. Well, there are other things going on in the world that people have no reality of. They live in their own comfortable reality. We all have magical or mythical realities. This is where we fascinate about other parts outside.