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The city of Yaroslavl is considered to be one of the oldest in our country. Over a thousand years of its existence, it has managed to survive the emergence and disintegration of many States, as well as retains many mysteries over the resolution of which some experts are still puzzling. Therefore, to learn the history of the city of Yaroslavl and interesting facts about it will certainly be useful to many.

Of course, if you list the most interesting facts about Yaroslavl, you should start with culture. For example, not everyone knows that there is a census of nightingales every year. Work in 2010 showed that the city is home to more than 900 pairs of these amazing birds. About five centuries ago, a unique Park planted with Siberian cedar was laid out near the Tolgsky monastery. He survived the most terrible times for the city, successfully existing today. It is Yaroslavl that can be seen by looking at the banknote of 1000 Russian rubles. The first theater on the territory of the Russian Empire appeared in Yaroslavl and exists to this day. The Volkov drama theatre was founded in 1750. It got its name thanks to Fedor Volkov-Director, actor and founder.

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The city has become a platform for the filming of many Soviet and Russian films. There were such pictures as “Big change”, “kin-DZA-DZA”, “Athos”, “Doctor Zhivago”, “Yesenin”, “scavenger”, “Palmist”, “Boomer 2” and many others. In honor of the beloved by many Soviet viewers hero of the film “Athos” was even a monument. Since 1982, a popular festival called “jazz over the Volga” has been held here every year. For 36 years, performers and fans of this popular music genre have been gathering here.

The festival itself can be called the oldest event of this scale, associated with jazz, in the territory of our country and the entire post-Soviet space. undefined about 140 buildings in the historic center of the city received the status of architectural monuments. Therefore, Yaroslavl is on the list of world heritage sites compiled by UNESCO. If you visit the city of Coimbra, located in Portugal, you can find Yaroslavl street, named after this glorious city. When reading the second part of the famous novel “Robinson Crusoe”, written by English writer Daniel Defoe, an attentive reader could notice the mention of Yaroslavl.

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