My favorite city is Moscow – Мой любимый город: Москва

The city of Moscow was founded in 1147. It is located in the center of the European part and is the capital of Russia. One of the most densely populated cities. Its beauty attracts many guests and tourists. It has a centuries-old metro line, has many stations. The city has many museums and historical monuments, strange temples. Having been to Moscow, I want to return again and again.

Very friendly and kind people live in Moscow, whose hospitality and generosity are striking for the rest of their lives. Traditions and culture of the city are very peculiar. Folk costumes are distinguished by an abundance of flowers, lace ribbons, bright colors. Walking around Moscow you should definitely look at the Kremlin, visit Lenin’s mausoleum, Arbat (after all, in every city there is a street that attracts tourists and has special houses and atmosphere). Gorky Park, Yuri Nikulin circus, Alexander Garden and Sparrow Hills are worth a look. The city is very clean and walking through the streets you can see a large number of flower beds and fountains. In the evening, the Kremlin Embankment is lit up as you can peek in there in the afternoon.

Moscow – the river reaches an incredible size and it is impressive. Here you can swim in the river tram, look at the floating ships. Boats and just unwind. I also love Moscow for many people and cars, this crowd sets a certain rhythm, the rhythm of life. Visiting Moscow really want to go to the Tretyakov Gallery, all the pictures of this gallery as live! The city has many restaurants, cafes, shops and amusement parks, skyscrapers.

In ancient times, the great princes ruled here, the city has long been considered the center of the principality and developed and strengthened. During the war years, much was destroyed and destroyed the priceless monuments of architecture, churches.

In Moscow, exhibitions are very popular, sports and art are developed.

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While traveling, living or visiting relatives in Moscow, you feel a burst of energy, watch the rhythm of life, set new goals and feel like a small cog in a huge machine called Moscow!. Moscow is a unique city and gives each of the people a small piece of their rhythm! In this city everything is wonderful! The small and the big, the old and the new, the rich and the valuable, meet and get along in it. That is why Moscow is my favorite city! City of dreams and success! He will live forever in history and in the hearts of people!

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