Short story about Russia – Рассказ о России

Russia is a great country. Let’s learn the history of its emergence, development, and formation.

Russia covers an area of about 17 million kilometers. The country is located in the Northern Hemisphere and occupies most of the continent of Eurasia. Russia has common borders with eighteen countries, including by sea. At sea, we border the United States and Japan.

In Russia, a large number of reservoirs, rivers, lakes. If we talk about the number, then this figure will be about 2.8 million rivers. The largest rivers flowing through the territory of Russia are the Volga, Yenisei, Don, Ob, and Lena. And only in our country, there is the cleanest lake and the deepest on the earth – Baikal. Russia has the largest sea in the world – the Caspian Sea.

The capital of Russia is Moscow, where infrastructure is developed. This city is rich in its history. There are many legalities in the country in which the population exceeds one million people.

Russia is a country in which a large number of nationalities get along peacefully, there are about 160 of them. Each nationality professes its religion. Therefore, in Russia, you can meet Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Jews, and many more different religions.

The country consists of autonomous republics (21) and territories (6).

The state language of the country is Russian.

The flag of Russia in three colors: white, blue and red. On the coat of arms of Russia, a two-headed eagle sits majestically, looking west and east.

In Russia, there are places that are included in the UNESCO heritage. And they are not enough. We can single out the Red Square, monuments of Novgorod, wooden churches built in Kizhi, the Petersburg historical center.

Country geography

Almost 70% of the country is lowland. In the south of the country are mostly mountains. Here you will find the highest mountain – Elbrus (5642 meters).

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The northeast of Siberia and the Far East are represented by ranges – Verkhoyansk, Sikhote-Alin. There are many volcanoes in Kamchatka, some of which remain active now.

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