Sights of Russia — Достопримечательности России

All sights of Russia can be divided into historical and natural. For example, the most beautiful waterfall in the Far East — Ilya Muromets. Its height is 141 meters, it is located on the Medvezhiy Peninsula, on the Kuril Islands. It is very difficult to access. They can only admire the ocean. The local peoples have a cult attitude to waterfalls and superstitious worship.

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The waterfall is a landmark of the Republican value. Despite this, he is not guarded, as nature took care of it, he is in a very inaccessible place. In winter, it is even more majestic. Water streams freeze and form architectural delights of incredible beauty and scale. If to compare Kuriles with a pearl necklace, then this waterfall is one of its most beautiful pearls.

Moscow is the heart of our homeland with branched arteries throughout vast Russia. This is the place where a great many unique sights are concentrated, such as the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, the St. Daniel Monastery, the Tretyakov Gallery, the Epiphany Cathedral, the New and Old Arbat, Manezhnaya Square and Gostiny Dvor, the Japanese Garden in the Botanical Garden, many theaters and others. Less beautiful places.


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My childhood dream was to visit St. Petersburg — “Venice of the North”. I saw him only on television and could not fully enjoy the grandeur and beauty of Peter the Great, the sanctity of the cathedrals of Kazan, St. Nicholas, St. Isaac, Alexander Nevsky Lavra. My dream has come true…

The beauty of the Summer Garden can be seen and felt only with your own eyes. I stopped in Petrodvorets, in numerous churches and monasteries of Russia, with a sinking breath. All the time admiring the beauty of Russian nature. And I feel myself a part of the great Russian people, who created and saved a huge number of beautiful places … And our task is to save all this for our descendants …

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