The history of the name of the city Yekaterinburg — История города по имени Екатеринбург

I live in Yekaterinburg. It’s an amazing city. Here, as well as in the Sverdlovsk region many interesting places.

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We have the highest skyscrapers in the North: Iset tower and Vysotsky business center. The main place in the city is the Dam And the square of 1905. They celebrate different holidays, hold competitions, and in winter, they build an ice town on the square, it is very interesting there.

And also a lot of good places. For example, Nevyansk inclined tower of the Demidovs. It deviates by more than 2 meters! And on the sixth floor, if you whisper something in a corner, you can hear it in the opposite. In Nizhny Tagil, every second tank was made for the Second World War and a railway was invented there. In the Upper Pyshma is a Museum of military equipment in the open air. In the village Visim, you can visit the house-Museum of Mamin-Sibiryaka and also go on a Reindeer farm!


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The city got its name from the fortress built near the factories. Mining engineer Georg Wilhelm de Gennin decided to call the fortress the name of the Empress, asking before that about her consent. Catherine the First was not against, but she slightly changed the name. So, de Gennin is supposed to give the fortress the name Katharinenberg, and the Empress called her Ekaterinburg. An opponent of the German-Dutch sound was Tatischev, he was named Catherine place. The official name was the version adopted by the Empress that he and ousted all the other names. The history of Yekaterinburg is forever connected with the names of two famous people of that time. This is Vasily Tatishchev and Georg de Gennin. Each of them made a great contribution to the creation of the city.

I think we have a very interesting city and region. I really like to live here, in the Urals.

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