Tourism in Russia — Туризм в России

Modern science considers tourism as a complex socio-economic system. Tourism is a branch of the non-production sector, whose enterprises and organizations satisfy the needs of tourists for tangible and intangible services, the main function of which is to provide a person with full and rational rest. Tourism is the fundamental basis of the economies of many developed and developing countries of the world. At present, it has become an international industry that ranks third in terms of income among the largest export sectors of the economy, second only to the oil industry and the automotive industry. The tourism industry can be considered as a set of hotels or other means of accommodation, means of transport, catering facilities, entertainment facilities and objects, educational, business, recreational, sports and other facilities, organizations engaged in tourist activities, organizations that provide guide-interpreters.

Russia has enormous potential both for the development of domestic tourism and for the reception of foreign travelers. It has everything you need — a vast territory, a rich historical and cultural heritage, and in some regions untouched, wild nature.

Inbound and domestic tourism in Russia is represented by a large variety of its species. The most actively developing our ecological, sporting, extreme alpine skiing, educational, business, medical and recreational, cruising, fishing and hunting, event and gastronomic types of tourism. Individual and children’s youth recreation are also popular.

In the modern situation, the process of expanding contacts between countries, caused primarily by integration processes in the economy, the development of telecommunications, increased trade, increased geographical mobility, and increased tourist flows initiated the birth of a dialogue unprecedented in the history of cultures of countries and peoples.

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Tourism is considered to be one of the largest, most profitable and most dynamically developing sectors of the economy, is an active source of foreign exchange earnings, and influences the balance of payments of the country. In addition to influencing the economies of many countries, international tourism affects their social, cultural and ecological environment.
Therefore, it is no coincidence that interest in this activity is increasing every year, involving almost all countries of the world, including Russia.

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