As I once was sick – Как я однажды заболел

Very quickly ended the long-awaited weekend. I had, as usual, to gather in the evening all school supplies by Monday. With a good mood and cheerful spirit before the new school week, I went to bed, in anticipation of what to remember the new week. Waking up early in the morning before school, I immediately felt that something was wrong. I had a severe weakness that prevented me from easily opening my eyes and getting out of bed. And then it became clear… I got sick.

Illness, a cold is generally the most unpleasant in life, it can be. Almost everyone had a cold. And everyone knows what an unpleasant condition during colds. The whole body aches, terrible weakness, headache, and if the same cough, sore throat, and not flowing – very bad. That’s the state I was in. My mother took my temperature first. Naturally, she was raised. A scratchy throat in the extreme, and the cough…The horror!

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    В отличие от скайптич, где я писал что не зашло - здесь все намного интереснее. Уроки, занятия.. Рекоммендую...

Started a week of bed rest and taking, any medication. I had this nasty condition for about a week. I’ve been lying on my bed in front of the TV all week. It would seem that I am at home and resting from school, but it is better to go to school. Because in such a different state I did not want anything, even to sit and play my favorite computer. I slept constantly. Mom said that sleep helps the body to recover faster. That’s probably true.

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A painful week of cold passed and I slowly recovered. Of course, I’m still a bit chesty, but that’s leftovers. In General, I felt very good. Being sick is bad. It is better to be always healthy, in a cheerful state of body and spirit. Move, jump and enjoy life. Do sports, temper and think about the good. That’s my little medical history.

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