The first practice at the medical University — Первая практика в медицинском университете

So, soon first-year students will be time to go to practice (most likely) first in their lives. It usually takes place in the winter, immediately after the first session of the first course.

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Your supervisors will take you to the hospital, where everything will happen. After that, you will have the distribution of the hospital departments. At us, it occurred in an office of the chief nurse, at her direct participation). It is extremely important at this stage to choose the Department according to your interests in the medicine itself.

Of course, in the first semester of the first year, it is quite difficult to do.

When I passed this stage of training in the first year, I witnessed almost a stampede — the whole flow wanted to get into surgery. I do not like squabbles and battles for a place in the queue, so, left aside, was recorded in the neurological Department.


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Neurological Department then I was very pleased. Clean, cozy, small, incredibly cool doctor in charge of the Department – such a practice can only dream of. I immediately began to delicately ask for presence in various procedures (such as initial examination, for example). All would be great, but there is one «but»  I knew a little something when taking a history and checking reflexes because at the moment I haven’t even passed the CNS anatomy and normal physiology was only waiting for half a year.

I was assigned to the manipulative nurse of the Department, and helped her in such things as the spread of droppers on the wards and beds; also I was trusted to remove these droppers. I had to take a lot of patients along the corridors for various procedures. In that practice, there were many interesting cases, which to some extent even influenced my formation as a physician in the future.

Данный текст был составлен автоматически, и протестирован с помощью AI (Artificial Intelligence). Наш искусственный разум должен был справиться с данным текстом на 5, и исправить все возможные ошибки, но, тем не менее, мы не несем ответственности за грамотность данного текста. На данный момент, тексты проверяются преподавателем английского языка, но это займет время. А мы тем временем стараемся улучшить наш искусственный интеллект!