Why do we need biology? — Почему нам нужна биология?

Biology is the science of all living things, be it a human or a tiny microbe. Whether it’s a tree or a bird, a cell or an entire organism. Biology studies how life works, how it feeds, reproduces and dies. This is undoubtedly very important. Biology is widely used in human life. For example, any gardener uses the knowledge that biology gives him to get the harvest. Biology tells him how to plant, how to care for plants, how to water them and how to protect them from pests.

Biology creates new varieties of plants, or rather the part which is called breeding. After all, biology includes many other more specific Sciences or fields of knowledge, unthinkable without knowledge of biology.

What can I say, all medicine is based on knowledge of the structure and diseases of the human body — it’s biology. Without this knowledge people were sick and dying would be much more likely. Biology gives them the ability to cope with the disease and maybe even death someday. For me, biology is not so important yet, but I have always wondered what trees grow in our forests, what mushrooms can be collected in them and what animals can I meet on a walk in the forest. I am interested in the life of insects, small but so beautiful beetles and butterflies. Systematics of species of animals and plants is also engaged in biology.

Many branches of life are connected with this science. Biology plays a particularly important role in medicine, botany, and Zoology. With its help, we discover many new and useful things. If it were not for this science, the progress would have slowed down for many thousands of years and now would instead of our modern technological world, would still live in the Middle Ages. Research in the biological field helps people make fantastic discoveries that surprise scientists around the world. After all, we do not know so much about the world around us. How many secrets and mysteries have yet to be discovered and unraveled by humanity. It is simply impossible to imagine modern society without knowledge of what surrounds us. Biology is one of the most important Sciences on the planet.