Yellowstone — Йеллоустон

Yellowstone Park was also known as Wonderland. There are many hot springs, more than 10,000. The most famous is Old Faithful. There is a smell of sulfur all over the park. The reason for the Hot Springs is because of the continental ocean shifts moving. There is a got magma in the chamber and is part of the Earth’s crust. There were a series of volcanic eruptions. A once volcanic wasteland turned into beautiful land. Yellowstone River runs through. August 17, there was an earthquake and lifted Madison Mountain Range. It crashed into the river and created a new lake and new ecosystem.

The summer of 1988 was a crucial one. Every summer there are thunderstorms and lightning. This summer there was just a lightning storm and caused a huge fire. It was the driest summer ever. The fire spread throughout the whole park. It ruined everything. Water would be dropped but the fire still went on for days. August 20, was known as Black Saturday. Dead trees made fire fighting deadly. The winds blew a lot, which didn’t help prevent fire. People were starting to wonder if the park could be safe. The one main concern was Old Faithful but thankfully the fire moved the other way. The pinecones opened up to the fire and seeds were blown away onto the ground.

Soon snow fell and covered the burnt grounds. It wasn’t good for the animal because there was no food under the snow because of the fire. There were no nutrients. Some animals died due to smoke inhalation. The fire affected the waterways also. Scientists collected frozen urine samples to test the animal’s health. Food supplies decreased. There was a stage of succession. Soon spring came and brought rain and all plants and flowers and land were back.