Animal Research — Опыты на животных

The use of animals in research is not a new concept, for it began as early as in the second century by a Roman physician. It took nearly another eighteen hundred years for such experimentation to become a vital role in the advancement of both science and technology. Such advancements paved the way for the many experiments that are used in today’s generation as an investigative technique to explore the depths of the human body without actually exploiting the human. There are four principal reasons why animals continue to be a the first phase for any biomedical research project; those being to create a biological model from the animal only to further the knowledge of how a human body works, how a disease impacts the human body, how to create forms of treatment in relation to the human body, as well as testing the efficacy and safety of new drugs.

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The similarities between animals and humans have established an effective way to pursue the interest of biomedical research. The purpose of initiating an animal replica is to analyze the anatomical, cellular, physiological, and biochemical properties within a human while avoiding invasive surgery into a «human test» patient. Due to the fact that any form of medical research is dependent upon comprehending the intricacy of a human’s body, a scientist must inquire knowledge of a healthy specimen and compare this to the problematic area. Such requirements must be met before a thorough research investigation can proceed. Thus, animals provide valuable incite, which can be applied to improve the quality of life for a human.

Models provide information to develop more conclusive details about the trivial influence of a disease. Due to the many similarities outlined previously, animals are the gateway into the human body. Since a lab rat does not completely mirror the diseases that seem to affect the human body, other animals such as rabbits, dogs, and cats must be incorporated in the tests as well. Rabbits offer a researcher precious information in relation to atherosclerosis, emphysema, and birth defects, while dogs and cats experience similar forms of diseases like cancer and diabetes along with common impairments dealing with vision. A lot is learned from animals, as they introduce a researcher to investigate the depths of a disease and the subsequent response from an individual’s immune system.

The ability to test effective means of treatment undeniably becomes one of the utmost factors in animal research. Once information is collected about a certain disease, researchers engage in a frenzied rush to find a suitable cure. Animal testing has been able to develop a devised treatment plan that would not be possible through an isolated stimulation of the disease due to the complexity of the human body, essentially, making animal research all the more important. Surgical techniques and therapeutic procedures are reliant upon such research to ensure the safety of a future patient.


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These animals, serving as human models, test new drugs in the pretrial stages of drug research. Rather than using a human guinea pig which was the case in Germany during World War II, animals are the only way to analyze the benefits of a drug without risking life in the process. As stated previously, isolated stimulations although providing an alternative to what is regarded to some as animal abuse, cannot efficiently account for an entire living system, but with the aide of our animal friends, the whole organism can be reported with conclusive data to compromise a beneficial result. These results define whether or not a drug is safe enough to begin a clinical trial on living humans.

It is obvious that animals provide researchers with information that could ultimately harm the life of a human being, therefore, declining the progressiveness of these efforts. The life of a human can be deemed more important than the life of an animal that is mass produced. Sad as this may be, animal testing has advanced the medical field substantially, leading into cures for diseases that devastated generation upon generation. So in essence, humans have evolved into the creatures they are today with cooperation from animal research, and for that fact alone, animals have expanded the importance of biomedical research.

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