Fashion & Style — Мода и стиль

Over time, attitudes toward clothing change markedly.

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First, in past times, traditions played a large part in clothes. It is known that due to customs, national costumes of various nations are called traditional. It is by the power of custom that one can explain the peculiarities of the national dress of every nation and the fact that it has not changed for centuries. Regarding the present, even a few minutes of watching television news convinces us that the strength of custom does not extend to clothing. People all over the world are dressed in jeans and sweaters, business or sports suits … Re-viewing a film that was shot 20-30 years ago, we cannot determine by clothes exactly where this film was made. But the age of the film — by the length of the skirts on the actresses, the form of collars and shoes — can be determined. True, for this you need to know about the development of fashion. Therefore, today is not a custom, but fashion has a decisive influence on clothing.

Fashion (from the Latin «measure», «method», «image») is the short reign of a certain taste in clothing and other areas of life.

Carefully reading the interpretation of the word «fashion», you noticed that fashion is characterized by short duration, inconstancy. According to these signs, it is the opposite of the concept of «custom.»


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Although the fashion sprouts were noticeable in ancient times, fashion is still relatively young — it is only a few hundred years old! First, the swirl of fashion captured a wealthy part of society. Today fashion is the element of a big city, talkative streets, crowded squares. It affects not only clothes but also books, music, everyday things, movies, entertainment, etc.

Often with the word «fashion» use the word «style». You, undoubtedly, had heard the expressions “fashionable style”, “modern style”. They also say “communication style”, “leadership style” and even “style of holding on”. The given examples make it possible to understand the word “style”, which concerns, in contrast to fashion, a special, unique, individual. So, fashion is for everyone, style is for the individual. To answer the question “What does it mean to be fashionably dressed?”, One should ponder over the slogan of modern fashion: “Fashionable is first of all stylish.” Therefore, the person who has his own style of dress is fashionably dressed. And this means that clothing must meet the appearance, character, tastes of the person.

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