Foreign languages in our life – Иностранные языки в нашей жизни

Nowadays people speak almost three thousand languages. From a huge number – indeed, almost three thousand! – the languages ?? of the Earth are only a few great ones. These are the languages ?? spoken by at least fifty percent of the people of our planet. Therefore, the school often introduces the compulsory study of English, French, German or Spanish.

In addition, you can not discount fashion in the language. It is believed that now the most fashionable languages in the world are English and Russian. More often began to learn Spanish and Oriental languages: Chinese, Japanese, languages ??of the peoples of India. There are also people who are fluent in several foreign languages. They are called polyglots.

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    Даже не знаю что сказать, школа хороша, но как то мне лично не зашла......

Our teachers – interlocutors who can be trusted – experienced, knowledgeable people help us to take the first steps in learning foreign languages. Their main task is to discuss an immense range of issues, to help in the future to become highly qualified specialists in the chosen profession. However, in order to learn to speak a foreign language quickly and competently and to understand the interlocutor for whom this language is native, it is not enough just to attend school classes and work with a tutor. It is necessary to immerse yourself in a certain language environment, starting with the most elementary communication – in everyday life, in the family, with friends at school and with acquaintances who know this language. Now new opportunities have appeared: clubs are opening, societies are being created, various foreign language courses for any level of training, where you can improve your knowledge and where teaching is conducted by teachers from other countries in their native language, work.

Of course, when mastering a foreign language requires a good memory, logical thinking. However, knowing the language, reading and speaking in a foreign language is a feasible task. It is only necessary to approach this issue with all seriousness. It is proved that the ability to language – not the privilege of the elect. All children learn languages quickly and easily. Successfully studying a foreign language and in adolescence. This means that the earlier a person begins to learn a language, the better he will achieve.

Without knowledge of foreign languages, life is becoming more difficult today. Therefore, I believe that if each person tries to learn a foreign language, he will learn a lot of interesting things not only about languages in general but about his chosen in particular, as well as discover a lot of unknown and instructive. After all, whoever the modern man is, whatever profession he has, whatever he does, he simply must be educated and knowledgeable.

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На данный момент, тексты проверяются преподавателем английского языка, но это займет время. А мы тем временем стараемся улучшить наш искусственный интеллект!

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