It’s a wonderful feeling love — Любовь это прекрасное чувство.

Love is complete harmony between people in their thoughts. Or in another way: it is the unity of souls.

Love is a special kind of attractive forces related to binding energies.

The meaning of life on Earth is one thing – love. In Heaven, only love matters from earthly values.

True love cannot be obtained for anything, it cannot be bought, it can only be caused by one’s love.

A person, having passed through all the tests, must understand that it is hard to live without love, unbearable and, on the contrary, life in love is the highest pleasure.

God has only one in – life is not for love. Anything that is not in love, is alien to human nature, is alien to God’s order

The law of conservation of love is similar to the law of conservation of energy – nothing, including love, disappears without a trace.

Only a pure soul can truly love.

This whole world is made for one thing-love.

Love exists on its own. She doesn’t need anyone’s confirmation. Because love is always from God, it is always from Heaven.

Marriage is love.

Heavenly rule-if people love each other, then this is marriage. There is nothing in the world bigger than LOVE. To go against LOVE is adultery.

When a person is in a state of love – this is the highest state of confidence and peace. It is a consciousness that can penetrate through anything, and nothing can penetrate it and destroy it…

Love has no limits. When she has a limit, it does not love.…

True love is when two people can carry each other for an unlimited amount of time. It doesn’t matter how your beloved or beloved one dresses, it doesn’t matter how he eats, how he sleeps, how he walks, how he sits, how he thinks, etc.

If you came to true love, then you become absolutely indifferent to all these little things. The main thing is that there is a loved one nearby. And if this man you are not annoying, so you found her happiness.

But do not jump to conclusions immediately after the first acquaintance. It takes some time to get to know each other better. The souls of two people in love eventually begin to merge into a single whole, as two threads, weaving, form a thick, strong harness, so real love only increases over the years.

Over time, the two lovers begin to look more and more like each other – they have similar thoughts, gestures, habits. They even begin to look similar to each other.

They begin to understand each other at a glance, to make the same decisions, even being apart. The lovers are like two equal halves of a single whole.

True love has only two enemies — a sense of ownership and envy.

Everything that is done in the name of Love is sacred. Everything that is done against Love, any prohibitions and restrictions – it comes from the devil. The devil is beneficial to the world was less love and more anger.

If two people love each other, they have the right to meet, even if one or both of them are married. According to the laws of Heavenly Love is Marriage.

Sex for love is good, sex without love is bad.

If two people love each other, they can and should have sex as much as they want, and no one has the right to forbid them to do so.

If people arrange each other in sex, then from them the powerful energy of good begins to go in all directions. Scientists have proved that sex has a beneficial effect on human health and mental health.

Love is a pure feeling, which gives a person white clean energy. A person in the family can only be kept by love. No money, no children, no force, no magic, no spell family without love cannot be saved. Law Heaven: there is no love there is no family.

A marriage of convenience is a sin in Heaven. A marriage without love is a crime against the order established by God.