My Family – Моя семья

Текст про Семью на английском языке под названием “My Family”. Этот топик для тренировки в чтение с переводом.

Anyone dreams of a happy family, of a house where you are expected and loved. Many people see happiness primarily in the family. Our first ideas about peace, love, and care are connected with the concept of home and family. Home is the main component of human life. Home is first and foremost a family, it is a small homeland with which love for the homeland, for the Fatherland begins. Family in the life of every person plays a big role. According to the writer L. Zhukhovitsky, a person who grew up in a good family, thanks to her all her life for her joy. A person who grew up in a difficult family, thanks her all her life for science.

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  • ОпаПа: 2019-03-23 12:54:02

    В отличие от скайптич, где я писал что не зашло - здесь все намного интереснее. Уроки, занятия.. Рекоммендую...

The family is the dearest and close people. For me, the family starts with mom. Mother’s caress, tenderness, warmth surround us from the first days of life. They say that a woman can achieve brilliant results in any field. She can bring a lot of benefit to society, but the most important and most difficult work of her life is the creation of a family. Mom – the keeper of the home. The whole house is held on her fragile shoulders: after work she needs to cook, feed, clean, help to do her homework and do a lot of things. Sometimes I wonder how my mother does everything! In our house, it is always warm, cozy and for me, and dad, and guests, and even animals. Of course, I understand that one mother will not be able to create a good family, because the family is a team, and the climate in the family should be created by all its members. Mutual assistance, care for everyone, kindness creates warmth, comfort, and well-being in our family.

Each family should have its own traditions, it’s family holidays. We in the family often remember the funny events that happened to us. These memories create a warm and cordial atmosphere in the home. We love to spend home holidays. For us, this is primarily smiles, laughter, gifts, friends, close people who you want to meet and chat with. We are preparing for family holidays together and we are looking forward to them. All this unites us and brings joy. Holidays are unforgettable events in our family. We celebrate family holidays at home, on an interesting trip, in nature. Often, we are joined by friends of parents whose children have long been my friends. I think that that home party is good, in which both adults and children take part. Such an evening of children with their parents is the bridge uniting the family.

The family is the most important thing for all of us. She keeps on mutual understanding, trust, care of each other, joy from joint actions. Here we can hear about ourselves that people will never dare to tell us from the outside, but here they will never stop loving us. And no matter what happens, we can always count on the understanding and support of our relatives. Without a family, a person cannot live. For me, a family is a place where I will always look forward to returning. My family and friends are always waiting for me and love me. My family is my support. My family is my fortress.

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