My school – Моя школа

Текст про Школу на английском языке под названием “My school”. Этот топик для тренировки в чтение с переводом.

In the life of every child, school is of great importance. It helps to form a person as a full-fledged personality. The school provides a huge wealth of knowledge that a person continues to develop and improve throughout life. The educational institution does not just teach a person, but at the same time educates him, instills moral values, cultivates the love for work in him, and directs him to further knowledge acquisition.

I consider my school one of the best schools in the country. First of all, because our school employs the wisest, experienced and sincerely dedicated teachers. Those people who come here every day at dawn, and leave in the evening, checking notebooks and filling magazines. Every day for all eleven years of study, they, in spite of everything, strive to make us better in everything – in learning, behavior, human qualities. Only a real teacher can be able to unite a team consisting of absolutely unique, dissimilar people into a single friendly whole. Teachers are always coming to meet us, they are ready to help at any moment. It does not matter if you do not understand some topic, task or want to get adult advice-you can always turn to our teachers, knowing that they will certainly tell you where and how best to proceed.

My classmates also make the school unique. These people, whom we see every day for several years in a row, they make my life better. In this school, I have a lot of real friends, who are always fun, and you can always rely on. If I had to transfer to another school, I would miss my wonderful classmates, with whom we have become a kind of family – so big, unusual, sometimes strange, but still family.

I like our school outwardly-with all its offices, equipment, sports ground, and an external courtyard, and, of course, with a dining room, where you can always eat something very tasty.

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I am proud that I am studying at this school and I wish everyone to find their best school in the world!

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