What is friendship — Дружба что это?

Текст про друж­бу на англий­ском язы­ке под назва­ни­ем “What is friendship”. Этот топик для тре­ни­ров­ки в чте­ние с пере­во­дом.

Friendship is not just an emotional attachment, it is a close relationship based on trust and sincerity. I believe that a true friend will not deceive you under any circumstances. He will find the strength, to tell the truth, even if it is not easy for him to do so. I can confirm my point of view with concrete examples.

See V. see, the heroine of which – Dink – was a true friend, incapable of deceit. When the girl realized that one of his friends is not friendly, as before, and deeper feelings, she immediately realized that he could not hide what had happened from the second friend, Andrew. Dink was convinced that Crest must know the truth about the changes that have occurred in her life. The girl understood that for Andrew the truth will blow, undeserved insult, and had this huge mental anguish. But despite this, she did not deceive one who was her real, trusted and loyal friend. Dinka was a very honest and decent person.

But, unfortunately, friends do not always act as the heroine of the text V. Oseeva did. I once had a friend I trusted very much. At that time I was fond of playing guitar. I felt like I was playing very well and my friend always praised me while listening to my songs. But one day I found out that my friend didn’t really like my performance. But he kept it from me. Maybe he did it for the best of intentions, but our friendship ended after the incident. I could not forgive his deceit and hypocrisy. Still, I prefer to know the truth, albeit not very pleasant, but the truth.

Thus, in order to maintain a friendship, you need to be honest and sincere towards each other.