Klitschko brothers are my favorite athletes — Братья Кличко мои любимые спортсмены

I really like to engage in such a sport like boxing. Boxing is a fight between two athletes. It, like any other sport, has its own rules of combat sports. This is a fist fight, for which special soft gloves are produced. The homeland of the modern game was England. Now, this sport is developed in different countries of the world, including here in Russia. The history of a fistfight in Russia began in 1937.

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    В отличие от скайптич, где я писал что не зашло - здесь все намного интереснее. Уроки, занятия.. Рекоммендую...

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I have been boxing for only two years. The “beginning” of my passion was laid by the Ukrainian boxers, the Klitschko brothers. Then for the first time, I watched several fights with their participation in the video from my friend, who has long been engaged in the boxing section. Then I was just stunned by this site. After seeing several fights of these brothers-athletes, I became interested in their biography. It turned out that there were two of them, at first I thought they were twins. But Vitaly Sr., he was born in 1971, and Vladimir is the youngest, he was born five years later. These are the stars of Ukrainian and world boxing in the heavyweight class.

Now I am their fan and constantly watch all the games with their participation, but so far only on TV. I dream to someday see this vivid spectacle, in reality, that is, in the ring. They live in two countries: in Ukraine and in Germany. Why in Germany? There was their first debut in professional boxing. In 1996 in the city of Hamburg, they became world champions in their superweight. Today you can get information about them in various media and on the Internet. These guys are very beautiful even in appearance, although sometimes boxers do not look very good after their knockouts. They are an example for many boys, these are boxing stars.


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Once upon a time at the very beginning of their career, they promised their mother that they would not stand in the ring against each other under any pretext. Brother against brother They keeps their word to the present. Not only this, they are very friendly and support each other in various difficult situations. So, Vitaly had to interrupt his performances and career for a long four years, this is a forced break, as he received several injuries. He overcame it and already in 2008 began to box with Samuel Peter. He won this fight in with honor regained his title — WBC world champion. The brother had already won the title of world champion in many versions (IBO, WBO, and IBF). At that time, they became both carriers of this title. Today, these athletes have won all the highest ranks and titles of the world in their weight in an honest open battle. These are my favorite sportsmen.

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