Мodern basketball — Современный баскетбол

Modern basketball is played by constantly changing teams of five players.

The game is played on an area of 28×15 m. At the far ends of the area at a height of 290 cm, there are hanging shields of 180×105 cm in size, to which the rings are attached.

The teams’ task is to throw the ball into the opponent’s ring.

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For hitting from close range, inside the so-called three-point line, which is located at a distance of 6 meters 75 centimeters from the ring (in the USA — 7 meters 24 centimeters), the team earns 2 points, from a further distance — 3 points, for a throw from the penalty — 1 point.

The winner is the team that scores more points in four periods of 10 minutes each (12 minutes in the USA).

Basketball has several varieties. One of them is a mini-basque, which was also invented by an American teacher.

Jay Archer used lightweight balls and lowered the height of the rings, adapting the game for children.

The most popular form of the game was streetball. This street type of basketball appeared in poor parts of the United States in the 1950s.


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In streetball, the game is played on one ring. They play two teams of three people. Offensive and defensive teams change in turns.

Basketball, like any team sport that requires constant feedback from each player, in the first place, allows you to develop endurance.

Other qualities necessary for a successful game are good coordination of movements, flexibility, mobility and jumping ability.

In addition, basketball is an excellent school for learning teamwork. The success of the game depends not only on the developed eye of players but also on the ability to understand the intentions and tactics of other team members.

An important role is played by the ability to instantly make decisions, given the game situation.

All these qualities will be useful both for working in a team and for moving up the career ladder.

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