Soccer is life — Футбол это жизнь

Текст про фут­бол на англий­ском язы­ке под назва­ни­ем “Soccer is life”. Этот топик для тре­ни­ров ” в чте­ние с пере­во­дом. Each person has their own interests, someone likes to watch the animals, someone to sing, and someone cannot live without sports. Let’s look at the main advantages of this sports game, after reading that everyone will understand why she has so many fans. Soccer is perhaps reading that popular sport. The players are constantly watched by a huge number of spectators both in the arenas and in front of TVs. Sometimes matches are even broadcast on the radio. When the leading teams meet at the Championships, the whole world goes crazy watching the players compete for the right to be the best. Soccer is not just a game, it is useful for the body and mind, for the development of logical thinking, strategy, and the ability to apply it in a stressful situation. If a person begins to engage in this sport professionally, he should automatically develop a huge number of qualities, such as agility, good reaction, the ability to make the right decisions. In conclusion, it is worth noting the following: to become a professional in this direction, you need to spend more than one year on your own improvement. That is why we can say with confidence that soccer is a life that consists of difficulties and victories, UPS and downs, perseverance, diligence, and diligence.