Construction — Строительство

Construction is one of the oldest human occupations. The ancient people, if there were no caves, they had to build themselves small huts to wait out the cold night, shelter from insects or predators. Later, people began to show a creative approach to construction. So in ancient Egypt, people without technology, thanks to only one labor, huge costs, knowledge and skills of Egyptian architects and builders were able to build huge structures that have survived to this day. The skill of builders can also confirm that sometimes they have to work without insurance. Remember at least a photo from the construction of Rockefeller Center in Manhattan, when workers at a giant height quietly enjoy a lunch break. And it’s not that it’s a staged photo or not, and that it was typical of the time, insurance that the builders there.

The profession of the Builder is very ancient. People began to build their first homes in the primitive time when he decided to get out of the caves. In antiquity, the construction was engaged in a multi-million army of slaves. Later these works were performed by employees. But always appreciated the master of his craft. It was their hands that created masterpieces of world architecture: palaces, temples, pyramids and just houses. To this day, many buildings have survived, the age of which is measured by millennia.

As for the profession itself, choosing it, you need to keep in mind that it is difficult and requires constant dedication combined with painstaking daily work. This is difficult in the snow, in wind, in heat, no retreat, no surrender positions. But it is difficult to imagine today the modern life of the city and the village without masons, installers, finishers, carpenters, welders. Therefore, I believe that the profession of Builder opens a list of the most necessary professions today. At the same time, the construction profession is the most peaceful, because it is the builders who give people shelter, a sense of comfort and security of their own home.

Now the profession of the Builder is not only one of the most popular and demanded, but also one of the highest paid working professions. After all, a new modern society is built not only in the figurative sense of the word, but literally. And construction, in turn, activates many other industries and the economy, supplying construction sites with various materials, transport, construction equipment and many others.

Build-does do not mean only to build any structure. It also means creating, create and create, because the construction of a truly beautiful building requires not only certain knowledge and experience but also talent. Therefore, the profession of Builder at all times was surrounded by universal honor and respect. In addition, the work of the Builder is always in front of everyone and skillfully performing it, a person brings joy and aesthetic pleasure to others. Creation is inherent in human nature, which can be proved by the fact that from the first days of its existence, man is engaged in construction. For a person who has chosen the profession of a Builder, however, as for any other profession, the defining qualities are decency, responsibility, diligence and, of course, love for their work.

Thus, construction ensures the development of production and guarantees employment. All this gives a real visibility of changes for the better and guarantees the need for good builders for many years to come.

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