Inventor – Изобретатель

An inventor is a creative person or innovator who creates new inventions, mainly technical devices or methods. Although some inventors may also be scientists, most of them are engineers who create technical innovations based on the discoveries of other scientists.

The main task of the inventor is to offer and develop a sample of the newest device that could simplify routine tasks and provide comfort at any level. Among the inventors, there are scientists and engineers who are actively studying the modern works of the first.

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It is possible to consider as the new invention something essentially new or simply improved old. For each of its development, the author has the exclusive right. To confirm the rights, a system of patents has been developed, thanks to which the inventor can register a novelty and receive a fee if someone else uses his technology.

Generally speaking, the inventor is not exactly a profession. In essence, this is a vocation or state of mind. The specialist constantly needs to cultivate and learn in order to be the first and keep up with modern technologies.

In the profession are important qualities such as analytical mind, creativity, originality of thinking, creativity, the ability to foresee the result, a sincere desire to “improve the world.”

Many of us watched the 80s hit film УBack to the FutureФ, which makes the image of the inventor clearly associated with Dr. Emmett Brown – slightly eccentric, flighty, and at the same time able to invent a novelty from scratch. To some extent, the image is close to the truth, but everything depends on the sphere of activity and the nature of the person.

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