My first flight by plane — Мой первый полет на самолете

I’ll tell you about my first flight by plane. To say that I was terribly afraid, it’s like not saying anything. The flight was early, so the rise in 3 nights absolutely did not add either courage or vigor or positive. After registering at the airport, I waited for the announcement of the landing, meanwhile looking at the received tickets.

When at last the tickets were studied along and across, the long-awaited invitation to board the aircraft sounded. Long-awaited, it was not from the fact that I had suffered to soar into the clouds. Just a long wait incredibly depressing, forcing you to miss the dreams of homeless people on a warm bed.

On board, we were greeted by a vigorous stewardess, whose excessive activity at such an early hour could only be envied. I took my rightful place by the window and having mastered the skills of dealing with the seat belt, I prepared for what I was so afraid of. And here the plane released the chassis and began its movement. Just not up as I immediately expected, but along the strip. We all rolled and rolled, it began to seem to me that we would continue to move, plowing the expanses of the Borispol forests and fields.

But then he came that moment, we finally got off the ground. The plane rapidly gained altitude, and the heart sank somewhere in the heels. Finally, our aircraft unit leveled off and the silence was broken by loud applause addressed to the aircraft crew. I looked out the window and saw tiny houses, rivers, forests that were drawn on the map. Interest and surprise drove excitement and fears somewhere, turning the further flight into an exciting adventure.