Problems of Russian roads — Проблемы российских дорог

As you know, Russia has two misfortunes: fools and roads. And how sad, many ordinary people joke, especially bad, if fools make these same roads. It is known that due to the poor quality of both pavements and roads in general, in Russia, more than fifteen percent of accidents occur from the total number of accidents.

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The problem of Russian roads cannot be described in two words, with some irony it can be said that this topic deserves a special and, unfortunately, long description. There are many factors for which roads in the Russian Federation are considered to be of poor quality. The main factor — this is poor-quality raw materials that are used in the construction of roads. The point here is not at all that road services do not want to use quality materials, but rather that there is simply not enough budget money to buy good road surface elements. To date, the budget pledged for the construction and maintenance of roads, many, if not all regions of the Federation, is almost meager. At best, it is only enough to maintain the existing road surfaces in a satisfactory condition. On the construction of new, especially high-quality roads, it is better not to think. That is, the first problem of roads in the Russian Federation is associated with insufficient state funding.

In the meantime, even the roads that are already on the balance of the subjects come into disrepair. And due to the fact that poor quality raw materials were also used in their construction, these roads are practically not subject to adequate restoration.


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At present much attention of the Russian public, as well as special services, which should deal with the problem of roads, is aimed at preventive measures to improve safety in the conditions of the almost complete absence of good road surfaces.

But in the opinion of many motorists, as well as specialists, it is necessary to deal with drastic measures and make crucial decisions to remedy the situation with Russian roads. At the same time, it is not a secret to anyone that it will be possible to believe in the relative safety of Russian roads only when the road network is built and developed in our country. Of course, without the intervention of state structures and without a good subsidy level, the solution of such problems is simply impossible.

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