The engineer — Инженер

The concept of «engineer» originated in Italy in the Middle Ages. At first, it was called so gunsmiths and control, of military vehicles. To date, the functions of a representative of the engineering profession have changed significantly. From the Latin language, the word «ingenium» translates as «an ability, ingenuity.» Indeed, an engineer is a very versatile specialist, distinguished by a special gift for inventions.

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A talented engineer can be called the famous Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci. He is the author of many technical discoveries and ideas. They developed projects of aircraft, underwater spacesuit, air fan, drill, contact lenses and many other useful devices.

Engineers work in many different areas. Their work is necessary in the field of transport, aviation, construction, at industrial enterprises, in scientific centers. Such specialists produce absolutely everything: from everyday items to the most complex technical facilities. Such a high demand for engineering skills in many areas has led to the emergence of various professions in this profession. So, among engineers, there are mechanic designers, programmers, technologists, economists, labor organizers. All of them share participation in the development of various devices, structures, algorithms.


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Most respondents believe that the profession of the Engineer can not be called rare, in our country, it is quite common. For several years now, the labor market has seen a demand for representatives of the profession of the Engineer, despite the fact that there are a lot of specialists each year.

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