Computer in our life — Компьютер в нашей жизни

The computer has long and tightly entered our lives. I believe that this is one of the greatest inventions of mankind. People managed to create a «smart» machine, with the help of which the opportunity appeared to do a huge number of operations. The computer allows you to learn, have fun, communicate and develop. No other device can give a person such ample opportunities.

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With it, you can now communicate even with people at the other end of the Earth. I think this is very convenient, because you can make friends from other countries. Some even manage to find long-lost relatives.

Some people believe that a computer is harmful to humans, especially for children, that it steals our time. However, I think otherwise. Of course, a long passive sitting in front of the monitor is harmful both to the view and to the spine. A person can even degrade if he devotes most of his time to the car. But if you distribute time correctly and set yourself certain goals, then harm can be avoided.


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It is important not to use this useful invention just for fun. With it, you need to search and process information. My mother, for example, works on a computer. She is an architect and creates drawings and visualizations with his help. So much more convenient than when it had to be done manually.

For me, as for many, the computer is of great importance, but it does not replace me just talking with friends, going to the movies or reading books. I can safely do without him, until I need to write a paper or find some information. It is important to remember that the machine can not replace a person with real life. The computer should be considered as an assistant, and not as the only friend. Then, I am sure, it will be possible to extract the maximum benefit from it and not get under the bad influence.

Данный текст был составлен автоматически, и протестирован с помощью AI (Artificial Intelligence). Наш искусственный разум должен был справиться с данным текстом на 5, и исправить все возможные ошибки, но, тем не менее, мы не несем ответственности за грамотность данного текста. На данный момент, тексты проверяются преподавателем английского языка, но это займет время. А мы тем временем стараемся улучшить наш искусственный интеллект!