The Programmer — Программист

Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Wozniak, Torvalds Linus, Ilya Valentinovich Segalovich … All these people became famous for their talent in programming. A programmer is a very creative profession, but, however, his arsenal of knowledge is supported by a massive foundation of mathematical knowledge.

Work in this area is considered predominantly male, but note that the first programmer is a woman — Ada Lovelace. Thanks to it, the first methods of managing computation, which are still used in programming, have appeared.

In our time, the profession of a programmer is very much in demand. First of all, this is due to the fact that in every home, in every office and other establishments there are computers. The development of computer technology and the Internet. Programmers are involved in the development of various programs for text editors, websites, games, video surveillance systems.

A programmer is a fairly popular profession in the labor market. Despite the fact that educational institutions produce a large number of programmers, there are still not enough qualified specialists in this field.

So what does the programmer do? A programmer is a very relative profession. This profession applies not only to the technical field, but also to the humanitarian. Now I will explain, the development of the program begins with its design, that is, you need to think up for what purposes it will serve and how it will work. Currently, specialists can be divided into three groups: application, system, and Web programmers. It depends on the application programmers how successful and safe the work will be in the institution where the technical devices are involved. The activity of system programmers is to work with system software. They are engaged in the development, creation and management of operating systems. Web-programmers working in the network space, that is, on the Internet. They create websites, ways of their modernization and management.

And so to summarize, what did we learn about the profession of a programmer? A programmer is a very entertaining and sought-after profession. It requires no small knowledge and imagination. In my opinion this profession, one of the most important at the moment professions.

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    В отличие от скайптич, где я писал что не зашло — здесь все намного интереснее. Уроки, занятия.. Рекоммендую…

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