My trip to Canada – Мое путешествие в Канаду

During the three weeks that I spent in Canada, I managed to visit many famous places in this country.

Not only limited to natural interesting places, there are many historical architectural structures. Thanks to a variety of excellent hotels of the highest level and restaurants with the cuisine of different peoples, ours was not only unforgettable but also very interesting.

Among the main attractions of this wonderful country, I highlighted the railway from Vancouver to Jasper, the Parliament Building, the famous Stanley Park in the center of Vancouver, Niagara Falls, the Bay of Fundy, lake Louise, unfortunately, these are only the main attractions of Canada, in fact they are just an infinite number.

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    В отличие от скайптич, где я писал что не зашло - здесь все намного интереснее. Уроки, занятия.. Рекоммендую...

For example, CN Tower, located in Toronto, until recently was considered the tallest building in the world and still serves as a vivid image of one of the wonders of the world. Unforgettable memories in my memory left lunch in the panoramic restaurant of the TV tower at an altitude of 351 meters. I also visited Banff National Park in Toronto. This place is ideal for exploring the various wildlife and enjoying the true beauty of Canadian nature. In addition, Toronto is a zoo with animals from different countries, which is a great place to spend time with the whole family.

In the capital of Canada, Ottawa, I visited many interesting places that gave me vivid memories, as well as pleasant and unforgettable impressions.

And in Vancouver, I visited the world-famous Stanley Park, which stretches over a thousand hectares. Local residents living close to the Park, go Jogging, well, tourists like me, travel through the Park by car, making stops periodically for sightseeing. Stanley Park is the famous Vancouver aquarium, from which I was delighted. In Vancouver, there is a Water Park, tennis courts, and beaches, as well as a huge number of other equally exciting places.

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The splendor and beauty of nature cover absolutely the entire territory of Canada. The trip to Canada made a positive impression on me and left a lot of pleasant memories about the amazing country and its magnificent sights!

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